• Address: 9 Cotton Street, Ancoats, M4 5BF
  • Telephone number: 07931162059
  • Email: info@rudyspizza.co.uk

Have a quick look at the FAQ’s below to see if this can help you

Do you do gluten free? Unfortunately not. We try to be as true to Naples pizza as we can and gluten plays too big a role in the characteristics of this style. For those with milder intolerances however, its important to point out that our dough is slow rise, making it much easier to digest. It’s the fast rise bread (most common day to day) that gives you that heavy bloated feeling.
Can I make a booking? Unfortunately not. We are walk in only. See 'Opening Times' page for details on our system.
Is your dough vegan? Yes. Flour, water, salt and yeast only.
Do you have vegan and vegetarian options? Yes. The Marinara is a vegan classic, and you are welcome to add additional veg. Please see downloadable menu for options.
Do you have highchairs? Yes, we currently have 3.
Are you dog friendly? Yes
Do you have wheelchair access? Yes
Do you cater for large groups? We try our best to fit in large groups. However, as our largest table seats 8 (at a squeeze) at peak times, it becomes very difficult to accommodate groups of 9 or above.
Do you do takeaway? At present no. Although we hope to in the future.